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Jei River Farms

Jei River Farms LogoWe currently export to Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France and Italy. The farm spans over 7,500 acres and produced over 3,500 metric tons of pineapple for export last year with a target of 5,500 metric tons this year.  We produce MD2, Smooth Cayenne and Sugar Loaf and our labour intensive style of farming has made us the leading pineapple exporter in Ghana. We are looking to form direct relationships with customers to ensure that the lowest prices and highest quality products are given to the end users rather than through thirds.

  • Our suckers go through a rigorous selection process by our experts to ensure only the best are planted.
  • Pineapples are handpicked and go through our three stage employee selection process to ensure only the highest quality pineapples are given to all our customers.
  • This labour intensive process has ensured that we have the highest quality pineapples, which has won us the prize of best pineapple farm in Ghana.
  • We have built a strong customer base in Europe especially in Germany with some relationships spanning over 15 years.
  • We hold all relevant export certificates to ensure fast hustle free delivery for customers. (GlobalG.A.P. (EUREPGAP))

Over and above our pineapple growing we ensure we aid the local community through projects such as this one;

Jei-River Farms building library for Odupong-Ofaankor Community


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