Ghana lies within the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. It has two seasons each of rainfall and dryness. The major rains are experienced between June and September, whilst the major dry season is from January to March. The dry period can be so intensive as to make the earth dry and caked. In such an environment, the normal rain-fed agricultural practices can be most frustrating as fruit sizes diminish and land preparation becomes burdensome.

To ensure that she has fruits to meet her customer demands at all times, Jei River Farms Ltd has a tradition of constructing dams from which it can irrigate her fruits during the long dry seasons, unlike many of the other farms who rely entirely on the rains for their production.

This practice it has carried over to her newly-acquired site, even though this is in an area that is known to have adequate rainfall most part of the year.  The company has just completed the building of three (3) major dams for the first 600 acres of planted fields. This is most significant as it will guarantee sustained production through the entire twelve months of the year, ensuring that adequate and excellent fruits are always available to meet customer demands.

The policy is to ensure that more dams are built as planting acreage is increased, to ensure plants get adequate irrigation to be able to bear premium fruits.

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